esmeThis Is Esmee, Vicki’s grandmother. Esmee was a force of nature. A fiery redhead, she trained as a nurse before moving back and forth to Africa twice with her young family. She loved; painting, fashion, country music, chocolate, wildlife, riding on her blue scooter, bull terriers and latterly her pet blackbird that lived in her back garden. She had a ‘telephone voice’ that her family would tease her about and she and Gerald, Vicki’s grandfather, would dance together in the living room listening to jazz. The dementia subsumed Esmee by stealth. She started to write long lists of things to do. She found it difficult to remember how to pay for her groceries, would leave her handbag at the butchers and her keys in the fridge. Eventually she lost sight of herself and her family. She spent the last eight years of her life in a secure dementia facility where there was no time or funding left to try and connect with the person that Esmee had been.

This is for her and for all of us who lose someone we love to dementiaGrandma